100%HOMEMADE Fried Local Fish Maw 干货正品鱼纯天然鳔鱼肚孕妇滋补原蛋白~自家制作本地炸燕鱼鳔 (100gm)

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品种:炸燕鱼鳔 重量:100g 吃鱼鳔的功效: 鱼鳔中含有一些大分子物质如胶原蛋白质、氨基酸等,食用鱼鳔可以帮助人体补充合成蛋白质,并且还能增强肌肉的弹力,增强体力。据研究表明,长期使用鱼鳔能促进生长发育,消除疲劳,滋润皮肤,增强人体抵抗能力,有着延缓衰老和抵御癌症的功效。 吃鱼鳔的好处: 1、吃鱼鳔能促进生产发育。鱼鳔中富含胶原蛋白,而胶原蛋白是人生长发育的必备物质,可以有效的帮助青少年生长发育。 2、吃鱼鳔能降血脂。鱼鳔中含有一种氨基酸,具有止血、补肾、降低血脂等功效,医学实验证明,长期使用鱼鳔的人比不使用鱼鳔的人,血脂含量要低40%左右。 3、孕妇吃鱼鳔好处多。据医学报道,鱼鳔具有安定心神的作用,滋养经脉的作用,长期服用可以滋补身体。 鱼鳔要搭配的吃对人体滋补的效果最好,虽然鱼鳔含有很多营养素,但是它缺少人体必需的色氨酸,所以在吃的时候,我们养合理搭配,互相补充营养,这样才能最全面。 以上就是鱼鳔的一些功效和好处,它的营养价值是特别高的 ,我们在食用的时候可以放心大胆的吃,因为它对人体基本上没有任何危害,长期吃的话能提高人体免疫力,增强体质也是非常不错的,但是有一点,鱼鳔最好搭配其他食材一起吃,效果才最好。 Type:Fried HOMEMADE Fish Maw Weight:100g About Fish Maw: Fish maw is the dried form of fish air bladder. Fish maw is one of the precious traditional Chinese ingredients rated along abalone, sea cucumber and shark’s fin due to it's high nutritional content. Fish maw contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium. It nourishes ‘yin’, replenishes kidney and boosts stamina. It is effective in healing weak lung and kidney, anemia, etc. It is suitable for consumption by any age group of either gender and is a kind of therapeutic food. The most important of all is that fish maw contains high viscosity gel protein and mucopolysaccharide which are important to lady’s skincare and capable of preserving fine complexion and invigorating blood circulation. Many Chinese people believe that drinking fish maw soup and eating fish maw will improve their skin and, for pregnant women, the skin of their babies. Furthermore, fish maw does not contain cholesterol and therefore it is a very valuable health enhancing ingredient suitable for long time consumption. How to store dried fish maw?
Store in cool and shaded area or refrigerated. How to prepare fish maw before cooking? 
Fish maw require pre-soaking before cooking. The soaking time will vary depending on the type of fish maw. Premium fish maw : - Soak fish maw in water for 12-18 hours until it soften. - Change water from time to time and rinse with cool water to eliminate its fishy smell. - Put ginger and shallot into a pot of fresh water and boil. Turn off the heat after the water is boiled. - Put the soaked fish maw into the pot and tightly covered with the lid. Wait until the water cools down. - Take out the fish maw and rinse with clean water then it is now ready for cooking. - Soaked fish maw should be stored in the refrigerator at below 0℃ if not cooked. Thaw each time before serving. Fried fish maw : - Soak fish maw in fresh water for about 10-15 minutes until it soften. Rinse with clean water and it is ready for cooking. - Soaked fish maw should be stored in the refrigerator at below 0℃ if not cooked. Thaw each time before serving.

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